My Campaign Is About Results and the Future of the ISBA

Greetings to all of you! My name is Perry Browder, and I am running for the Third Vice President of the Illinois State Bar Association.

As a previous candidate, I thank all of you for your support and votes. To those that have encouraged me to run again, I can’t express how that has compelled me to move forward with this important endeavor.

Those of you that know me and have seen my work know of my consistency and my ability to get results. To those who voted for me in my last campaign, I hope to earn your vote again. To those whose vote I did not earn, I hope that my new ideas and vision compel you to change your mind. During this election, you will learn a lot about me and the direction I plan to take the ISBA. I feel more confident than ever that my experience is exactly what the ISBA needs as a part of its leadership team for the future.

The ISBA Is About the Future of the Profession and Your Success.
One Strength of My Candidacy Is My Versatility in Experience.

changeAs many of you also have, I began my legal career working with a 711 license and as an intern in legal aid. I know what it is like to be employed by the county as well as in-house counsel. I know what it is like to work on a contingency fee as well as billable hours. I know what it means to work at firms both very small and very large.

What I have learned from my wide range of experience is that we as a bar association are united in our shared goals to serve our clients. We have a duty to the people we serve and to ourselves to strengthen our practices and support each other through the ISBA. We willingly volunteer our time and energy and are leaders for our profession. As your Third Vice President, I will utilize my variety of experience, actively listen to build consensus, be inclusive, and get RESULTS.

What Do You Want in a 3rd Vice President?

One that steps up, can be counted on for support, and who you also turn to for results. I will do that, and you can reach me at 618-407-3870 and to voice what YOU want to see from the ISBA in the future. I urge you to vote for leadership that you can count on to get results when you cast your ballot for your 3rd Vice President.

Best regards, Perry J. Browder

Perry Browder

Candidate for ISBA 3rd Vice President

Perry Browder is a shareholder and senior attorney at Simmons Hanly Conroy in Alton, Illinois. He has been actively involved in the ISBA and multiple legal organizations that seek to support and improve the practice of Law. He currently serves on the Rural Practice Initiative and the Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) Board. He previously served as the President of the Illinois Bar Foundation, ISBA Board of Governors, ISBA Assembly, and the President of the Illinois Trial attorneys. He has the experience and results to be your 3rd Vice President.

This Is Your ISBA! You Will Be Heard, I Will Carry Your Voice, and We Will Build Consensus.

The strength of the ISBA is our attorneys, our diversity, our passion for our clients, and our support of each other. The foundation of our association is built upon many different clients with many different needs. As your Third Vice President, I will support your success through comprehensive leadership that will cater to our widespread demand for results. I will utilize the position to carry our message and programs all over the state. We are the only true statewide bar, we are the voice of all attorneys, and I will be a voice for you.

This is your ISBA that will stay relevant and bring value with my leadership tapping into our collective potential.

I ask for your vote for 3rd Vice President of the Illinois State Bar Association. Your vote will get results!

I'm Listening

I am building a list of your ideas, and I would love to hear from you by phone or email. Please contact me at my cell phone number of 618-407-3870 or my email at


Results Through Leadership

A leader is not one that dictates, but one that utilizes the resources of all to achieve a common goal. We must depend on each others strengths and experiences to move the ISBA forward.


A Track Record of Involvement, Leadership, and Results

My past experience proves commitment and consistency in action. My acts as a leader will be no different. Consistency gets results and my commitment to the ISBA will be reflected in its growth and established legacy.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity of thought, background, and person is essential to growth and success of any institution. Being a member of the ISBA means to be accepted and supported by your fellow attorneys statewide. Harboring inclusivity is a core foundation of moving in the right direction.


Empowering Members to Success

I plan to create an environment within the ISBA that harbors success and progress for our practices, clients, and the Illinois legal field overall. Empowerment starts with action, and action leads to impact.

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