Focus for the ISBA

Building the ISBA Together

Experience and Results

My campaign is about leading the ISBA to stay vibrant and relevant as the voice of all Illinois attorneys. To do this, I will reach out to members and non-members all over the state. For members, I will focus on engaging them to be involved and thanking them for their commitment. For non-members, I will work to connect with them to help them understand the benefits and purpose of the ISBA.

By reaching out and connecting, I will expand the non-members' knowledge of what we stand for. They will know of our services, build our network for business referrals, and expand our collaboration for access to justice. My experience in the ISBA is extensive, including volunteering, actively participating on committees, and serving on the Board of Governors and as President of the Illinois Bar Foundation.

Getting Results Means Success

As ISBA members and as attorneys, we are constantly compelled to attain results for our clients. We work to be able to build our practices with financial success and serve our communities through volunteer and pro bono work. The ISBA provides the tools and support for our clients, our practices, and our collective goal to succeed and serve. When we collaborate statewide, we unlock the unique advantage of sharing different ideas, skills, and tactics. When we embrace diversity and use it as a strength, we grow and serve our clients. The ISBA offers a unique opportunity to embrace diversity of thought, background, and practice through our state-wide initiatives. Our progress should be taken statewide and carried out in unity.

What I Will Do as Your 3rd Vice President

With the addition of my leadership, I will aim to grow membership, reach out statewide, and expand our diversity through involvement. I will work to promote referrals for business and prioritize good mental health for our practices. Charitable efforts will be a priority in expanding pro bono work, increase our charitable opportunities and donations, and build on new programs such as the Rural Practice Initiative. It is also a goal of mine to expand collaboration with other bar associations and have a prominent presence throughout all 102 counties. This is just the beginning.

How Do You Know I Will Do This?

I have stepped up for the ISBA through hard work and commitment of my time, energy, and resources. I am not only committed to the ISBA, but I am committed to your success. Whether as a board member or past president of the Illinois Bar Foundation, you can rely on me to be there, participate, and provide support. Myself, my wife, and my firm, Simmons Hanly Conroy, are together one of the longest and largest supporters of the IBF, and my past proves my commitment and involvement. When you ask, “Who can we get to step in and get results?” I will be there. As a board member and past president of the IBF, many of you saw that commitment and the subsequent results, and you know that I follow through.

As your 3rd Vice President, I will bring you commitment, hard work, and results. I am asking for your vote for 3rd Vice President. Thank you!

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